Saras Movie Review: Anna Ben’s Nuanced Performance Steals The Show!

Saras Movie Review: Anna Ben’s Nuanced Performance Steals The Show! The latest Malayalam film, Anna Ben’s Sara’s is now the Amazon Prime Video direct-to-OTT release. With the help of Jude Anthany Joseph, director of Ohm Shanthi Oshaana, this movie plays the main role of Sunny Wayne. Akshay Hareesh writes the storey of the movie, bankrolling by producer PK Muralidharan.

Saras Movie Review
Saras Movie Review

Interestingly, Sara marks the first maiden collaboration of renowned author Benny P Nayarambalam and his daughter-actriz Anna. Moreover, as playback singer with the romantic drama, the wife of Divya Vineeth Sreenivasan, a singer-director has also made her debut. Did the film Sara by Anna Ben meet the audience’s expectations? Please read to learn.

What is Wow? What is Wow? The storey, Casting and Anna Ben and her sequences in combination with Sunny Wayne are fascinating. What is Ouch? What is Ouch? There are too many issues The conspiracy (SPOILERS AHEAD) The film revolutionises a boomsome and spirited associate director Sara (Anna Ben), who dreams of making a filmmaker and works her fingers on her bone.

On the way, she bumps into Jeevan (Sunny Wayne), a carefree youngster with whom she shares similar characteristics, particularly because she doesn’t really like children. They fall in love and enter marriage later due to the pressure of the family.

When they decide on their careers after marriage, things turn after Sara is pregnant and finds a producer for her big project at the same time. What will Sara choose with the constant pressure of the family? Well, in Amazon Prime Video you must watch the film to see what happens at the end.
Sara’s all about breaking stereotypes and without doubt the film’s point has been proved by Akshay Hareesh’s fresh and fascinating storey. That being said, while the storey affects a wide range of topics such as feminism, gap in generation and societal norms, the film loses focus on the main theme itself and sometimes.

One thing that distinguishes Jude Anthany Joseph from others is that he uses clichés. Sara, for example, does not show the protagonist in all respects as someone who is “perfect.” Sara has her advantages and disadvantages, is independent, makes her own life decision, makes mistakes, is career-oriented and feels ok to say she has had several connections. The Jude Anthany directorial could remind many of its 2014 film Ohmshanthi Oshaana of its powerful but refreshing concept and intriguing storey, not because of the major similarities but because of the breath of new air both offered in different times.

Performances Anna Ben: The starlet could mark the audience with her image as Sara Vincent, as expected. Anna doesn’t overdo her work and just goes with the narrative flow. On the other hand, she took care of the minute detail of her character, which serves as a cake cherry. Sunny Wayne: Sunny Wayne Jeevan’s versatile actor is a delight to see. He has uncompromising acting chops and a sporadic comic conversation.

Aspect of technology: The filmmaker Nimish Ravi did unbelievable lens jobs and should be applauded for visual treatment of the storyline gels. The film uses a proper blend of light and darkness, adding visual depth to every sequence. The musical composition of Shaan Rahman needs to be mentioned in particular, as its soulful tracks leave an endless impact. One of the main factors in the movie that maintains Riyas K Badhar’s impeccable editing is also a relatively short film with 2-hour runtime.

Sara’s is a cliché-free and comfortable film, which is meaningful. While the directorial of Jude Anthany looks convincing in part, the film sometimes loses real essence from a broader perspective because several subjects are added. Highpoint is Anna Ben’s nuanced performance. With its effortless charm and excellent acting chops, Sunny Wayne stands out.

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