Ishq Movie Movierulz Ishq movie (2021)

Ishq Movie Movierulz Ishq movie Ishq is a Telugu version of the 2019 Malayalam film of the same name, which received mixed reviews when it first came out. While it’s admirable that the SS Raju remake, like the original, explores how moral policing affects young, unmarried couples who simply want to date and get to know one another, the filmmakers’ apparent belief in a “eye for an eye” scenario is disturbing. When women have always had to bear the weight of a culture that values and respects their bodies, the film’s approach to the matter is troubling.

Ishq Movie Movierulz Ishq movie
Ishq Movie Movierulz Ishq movie

Ishq Movie Movierulz Ishq movie (Download)

Ishq Movie Movierulz Ishq movie Siddhu (Teja Sajja) is a typical IT guy who enjoys spending time with his lover Anu (Priya Prakash Varrier) and wishes to marry her. He’s incredibly possessive and wants to make her birthday one to remember. After searching for a peaceful location to share a moment alone and finding a parking spot, two duets take a lengthy drive down Beach Road. Trouble shows up in the form of Madhav (Ravindra Vijay), who claims to be a police officer. He threatens them for personal information, is soon joined by another man, and things quickly deteriorate. What begins as a loving relationship quickly devolves into every couple’s worst nightmare.

Ishq Movie (2021) movie | Ishq Movie Review

book tickets now Ishq is a strange blend of feminism and misogyny that doesn’t quite work. On the one side, there’s Anu, who would rather stay in a clearly dangerous situation than seek aid because she doesn’t want her family to be embarrassed. She also understands what she wants in a mate and is willing to give him the finger, literally, if he doesn’t share her viewpoint. The music that plays in the background when Siddhu is on-screen suggests that he is the story’s “hero.” He’ll pick a fight with a random man for staring at his girlfriend, but his idea of retaliation is so bizarre that no rational person could think of it. His transformation is a little abrupt and extreme.

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