Mosagallu movie download movierulz 2021

Mosagallu movie download movierulz The new Mosagallu, actor-movie director Vishnu Manchu, was released today after a decent buzz. The sensational Mumbai scam call centre inspiring the storey of Mosagallu has added a positive spirit for Kajal Aggarwal, who is playing Vishnu’s elder sister and the film also with the Hollywood release. Let’s see whether the film proves as good as its premise.

Mosagallu movie download movierulz
Mosagallu movie download movierulz

Mosagallu movie download movierulz

Mosagallu movie download movierulz In Hyderabad’s Raniganj, the children of Arjun (Vishnu), and Anu (Kajal) are siblings of a middle-class family. The brother and sister disappointed at the path of life they lead and dream of a fortune that will forever change their lives.

Mosagallu movie download movierulz Arjun is a qualified executive of a call centre and Kajal is a qualified accountant. They join hands in the shady callspace of Arjun’s boss, Sandeep Reddy (Navdeep), and pull off a massive scam in the U.S. Within no time they gain a fortune by posing as IRS officials and duplicating several unsuspecting Americans and threatening them with arrest when their income tax dues are not clear.

Mosagallu movie download Telegram

Mosagallu movie download movierulz The Chief Officer of the Washington DC Federal Commercial Commission will soon uncover her shame, which is 300 million dollars and seeks the help of the Criminals to Hyderabad ACP Ajeet Kumar Bhatia’s (Suniel Shetty).

Mosagallu movie download Telegram Link Vishnu well plays the role and he performed properly. In the role of an ambitious young woman, Kajal is equally good as Vishnu’s sister. Such roles are a cake for Navdeep and he feels his presence. As an aggressive drug addict, Naveen Chandra is good.

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Movierulz Telugu Movie Download The storey of the film is driven by the scandal that rocked the US several years before the Rs 2600 crore Mumbai Call Center. The set-up is of course cool and interesting since Telugu audiences in recent times have not seen anything like this.

Although the film is based on a truthful storey, its appearance on the screen is not very persuasive and seems too simple. Movierulz Telugu Movie Download That hundreds of Americans with their strong Indian English accent are being tamed with by a group of Hyderabadi youngsters pulling out a 300 million USD call centre scam.

Mosagallu movie download Amazon Prime

Mosagallu movie download Amazon Prime In showcasing the protagonists’ rise to fame and fortune, too many cinematic liberties were taken away, leaving behind logic. You’ll also be puzzled by how the film ends with a glad note. Actor Suniel Shetty of Bollywood was lost in a minor role.

Mosagallu movie download Amazon Prime There are a few other characters that do not affect the storey. And the Federal Trade Commission’s investigation in the United States is unbelievably limited to a few phone calls and computer browsing. Furthermore, in a heist thriller of this scale, FBI and even IRS are not expected to support FTC research.

Here are the latest updates of Mosagallu OTT Release Date, Mosagallu Movie Digital Streaming Rights, Satellite rights and more. The most awaiting suspense Thriller movie from Tollywood, Mosagallu starring Vishnu Manchu, Kajal Aggarwal, Suniel Shetty, Ruhi Singh, Naveen Chandra, Navdeep and others is all set for digital premiers soon. Mosagallu produced Vishnu Manchu, too, is all about a bank’s money and Internet crime. Jeffrey Chin, a Hollywood cinematic film-maker, is directed by Kajal Aggarwal as the sister in the film of Manch Vishnu. As the Police Investigator Ruhi Singh is the female leader and Suniel Shetty plays yet another critical role.

The world’s largest IT scam is all about Mosagallu. The film is shot in Telugu and English at the same time. However, the film is also known as the Kannada, TAMIL, Hindi and Malayalam regional languages.

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