Brian Houston Opens Up About Church 2021

Brian Houston Opens Up About Church The founder of the church Hillsong, Brian Houston, is in the process of sharing what he believes has gone wrong with former pastor Carl Lents, who was burned last year and sparked a major scandal for the global religious organisation.
“Carl Lentz was described as a little distant and removed from the ministry in question. Do you bother about that?” In a preview clip of the exclusive interview, Savannah Guthrie asked Houston to show on every Wednesday morning.

Brian Houston Opens Up About Church
Brian Houston Opens Up About Church

“It’s certainly done to a degree,” replied Houston. “Carl was Carl. Carl had been Carl. He’s a character that’s unique. About Carl, there’s many stuff I miss. However, having said that, I believe that lying includes what I would call narcissist behaviour, there have been leadership problems.”

Brian Houston Opens Up About Church

Brian Houston Opens Up About Church Asked when he realised that Lentz had this behaviour for the first time, Houston said, “I had many concerns and talks with Carl over the years.”

Savannah then asked whether Houston should intercede with the leadership of Hillsong before the start of November when, according to a then Houston statement, Lentz was fired due to “moral error” and “trust breaches.”Brian Houston Opens Up About Church

“I think there are many things that I should have known before and we hope to make sure we have much better schemes and better accountability in place,” said Houston.
In his statement earlier, Houston said that the decision to launch Lentz “has been taken not lightly and has been made in the best interests of all, including Pastor Carl.”

“This was done after continuous discussions on leadership issues and breaches of confidence and a recent revelation of moral failures,” he added.

After the news of his firing, Lentz made a statement at the beginning of November, revealing that he had been cheating on his 17 year old wife, Laura.

“We have come to the end of our time at Hillsong NYC,” he said. “The most amazing, influential and special chapter in our lives is a difficult end. It is not possible to explain how much we have always loved and loved the wonderful people of the church, to guide this church was an honour in all senses of the word.”

“I was unfaithful and accountable for my marriage, the most important connection in my life,” he explained later. “I’m doing this failure, and I take full responsibility for my actions and myself.”

Houston announced a week and a half later that Hillsong would launch a sonder in New York City and other locations in the eastern coast.

“For a new beginning and a new beginning we need a solid foundation. The best thing is yet, “Tweeted by Houston.

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