RGV Power star Movie Download | Pspk movie Download 2020

Power Star movie Download is a political thriller movie directed by Ram Gopal Varma and will have direct release on RGV World Theatre.
Power Star movie is all about what happened after Power star lost his elections.
Power Star movie released on RGV World Theater on July 25th.
Ram Gopal Varma took to Twitter and wrote, “POWER STAR trailer which was supposed to release at 11 AM today has leaked out  …we suspect that it is the work of one of our own office staff ..we take full responsibility and all people who paid for the trailer will be returned their money ASAP. (sic)”
“I am watching Power Star now,” wrote the director on Twitter, announcing the film’s release. The movie was priced at Rs 150 for advance booking, and Rs.250 after release.
Power Star movie Download
Earlier, on July 22, RGV released the movie’s trailer and it garnered 4.5 million views. It has been trending at No.1 on YouTube. Though the trailer was earlier planned to be a paid release priced at Rs.25, it was leaked online. The director then made it available for free on YouTube and has promised to return the money of those who paid for it.
Power Star movie Download 2020
Following the release of the trailer, some self-proclaimed fans of actor-politician Pawan Kalyan attacked RGV’s office. They pelted stones which damaged the windows of the office. As earlier reported by TNM, the attack happened in Hyderabad on Thursday evening. 
 Power Star movie Download
The film, which appears to be a parody set in the backdrop of the Jana Sena chief’s political defeat in the 2019 General Elections, is the reason for the outrage among self-proclaimed fans of Pawan Kalyan.
RGV’s private security reportedly drove out the men as they were creating a ruckus on the premises. Jubilee Hills police have detained as many as six men following a complaint by the staff from RGV’s office.
Speaking to the media, RGV said, “This is a democratic country. I have the right to make a film. I kept saying this is a fictional movie and not related to anyone, but they’re making a mess out of it.” He stated that no one can stop his movie which is being released on his own OTT platform.

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