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The most spine-chilling thing about Hotel Mumbai that recreates the 26/11 Mumbai attacks that took place in 2008 are not the brutal killings but the casual way terrorists sail inside Mumbai, randomly hail taxis and quickly determine their favorite targets. It was as if back then there was no security apparatus in Mumbai. The whole thing has been a big intelligence failure, and the movie reminds you of that again.

The Pakistani terrorists have created mayhem at various targets, but the film is largely confined to The Taj Mahal Hotel’s happenings. Thanks to Chef Hemant Oberoi’s outstanding bravery and Taj’s other staff members, a majority of guests were securely locked in the Chambers room, an exclusive club situated in a secure location. Just as the guests came to safety, reckless television journalism revealed their location. In the shooting that followed, many of the workers lost their lives. Nonetheless, it is said that about 1,600 people were trapped in the hotel, due to the heroism of Taj’s workers, about 1,700 people were rescued.

 Hotel mumbai 

The mystery of human interest is personified in the shape of the characters of Armie Hammer and Nazanin Boniadi. They’re playing a family with a young child they’re split from. The nanny of the child, Tilda Cobham-Hervey, succeeds in keeping him safe. While trying to find the boy, the father is killed, but the mother is rescued. Mumbai Hotel 

The film attempts to portray terrorists as people like us, pointing out that their handlers played them for suckers. They cared for people they left behind— their parents, their siblings, just like you and me. One terrorist also helps a woman to live when she starts reciting a Muslim prayer. At least for Indian eyes, this kind of humanization would look offensive. It’s weird that there is no mention of the terrorists being of Pakistani origin anywhere in the film. The detail is only subsequently shown as an addendum. Mumbai Hotel absolute 

Hotel mumbai

Through his first article, Anthony Maras interweaves these threads with precision and clarity, conveying an incredible sense of hotel architecture, uncertainty of circumstances and primal fear (the opulent hotel was re-created in Mumbai and Adelaide, Australia).

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